Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Carter's birthday

We had Carter's party on Sunday(the day before his actual day) so his actual birthday was a little low key. He woke up just in time to have a pancake breakfast with his big brothers before they headed off to day camp. So glad he didn't sleep in so they could sing to him. 

Once, I dropped the big boys off, my birthday boy and I headed to meet up with some of his cousins(Grady, Griffin, Luke, Livvy and Kendall) to play at The Jumpy Place. He did lots of jumping, sliding, ate pizza and had lost of fun.  

Enjoying some Skittles

His favorite is orange

That evening, we had "basketti" (spaghetti) for dinner at the choice of the birthday boy(I was terrible and didn't take anymore pictures). Then since we had a yummy cake at the party the day before, we had ice cream cones for dessert. It was a great day and there is nothing better than celebrating one my boys! Can't believe my baby is so BIG!! 

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KERRY said...

What a fun day and super sweet memories!! Look at his tired little face with his pancake breakfast :) So cute!!
Nearly every blog I have read tonight has had pictures of food so now I am so hungry!!
So glad you all enjoyed Carter's special day xo