Thursday, June 7, 2012

Caught Ya Being Good

As a way to encourage good behavior we have a little incentive program around our house. It is called : "Caught ya being good". I use these simple charts and stickers and post them on a kitchen cabinet.
 I bought these at a local teacher store.  It is a notepad of the charts so it has lasted a while. 

 The boys (really just Colton and Cooper but Carter has a chart too to start figuring it out) get stickers on their charts when they are "caught" doing something good. That can be cleaning up, helping their brothers, doing general chores, doing something without being told, doing something the first time they are asked,  etc. After a certain number of stickers on their chart, they get a reward(the amount of stickers needed is based on the size of the reward). That can be going somewhere fun, picking out a treat or something else they may consider a reward. Anyway, we started a new chart on Monday to kick off summer. The boys have been really excited to see the Madagascar 3 movie that starts tomorrow. They needed to earn 7 stickers in order to get to go see it. They have done pretty good and were close to the goal. Well today, without me asking, Colton brought the three trashcans and two recycle boxes from the curb, took the trash bag out of the kitchen trashcan and put it in the big can outside. I was impressed especially since I didn't ask and he had to make several trips to get everything in so I gave him two caught ya being goods. He had already reached the magic number but Cooper hadn't yet. So Colton said, "Mama can I give Cooper one of my stickers so he will have enough to see the movie tomorrow too."  Soooooo sweet! (Cooper has been doing great and would have most likely earned one himself but he was so excited that Colton helped him!) Looks like we will be enjoying some popcorn and laughs tomorrow as we see this...

Can't wait!!!! We love the first two and the previews for this one are hilarious! 

Btw, I have seen some other really great chore charts and systems and am thinking of using one but for now this system works. Simple and effective! =)


Hillary said...

What an awesome chart! I love the simplicity of it too :). Are you soo laughing at me because I was all "I need to go to a totally different printing place because I don't like how mine printed out." I just can't leave well enough alone sometimes :).

Are your boys singing "Afro Circus" all day long too?


Nichole said...

Thats a really cute idea! We help babysit our niece and nephew on the weekends most of the time and I may need to steal this idea.