Monday, June 4, 2012

S is for Snake

Today we had some summer fun at the Snake Farm. We met two of my sils--Hillary and Laura there with their kiddos. Everything is more fun with cousins. =) Anyway, luckily this place is not just snakes. They also have lots of cool animals to see and some to pet.  Somewhere along the way though, Carter turned into Oscar the Grouch. I think it was when I wiped the green stickiness (left behind from his ice cream) off his face and he cried, "I wanted a green face." From then on, he wanted to be carried and was pretty miserable. Oh toddler hood. =) Anyway, it was a little stinky, super humid but lots of fun!

Carter loved this "baby" crocodile. He kept saying "awww-he's so cute. " =)

How fun are these Sonic and Ninja Turtle ice creams?
Before I made him mad and wiped his face. =)

Best buddies- Can you tell which two chose blue ice creams?

My nephew Luke and his Llama friend

Pretty Livvy girl

He's done. =)

After we bought a large plastic Cobra, a mini crocodile, a snake bouncy ball and a bow and arrow set(guess who picked that), we headed home. I have a feeling we will be going back. I'll admit it--it was a great way to spend a morning!


Angie said...

Looks like a mini zoo! Glad you all enjoyed your morning :)

Hillary said...

We had a great time with y'all! Can't wait to hang out again!