Saturday, May 19, 2012

Colton's season ends

Colton had his last baseball game last night. It was a good season! Although his team had a rough start, by the last few weeks they were looking pretty impressive. Here are some action shots of Colton playing ball. 

On 3rd

I was going to crop this picture but I liked that you can see his coach off to the side ready to give  Colton five after he crosses home plate. =)
After the game, the coach gave them each a ball that was signed by everyone on the team. When he gave Colton his he said, "If this was the middle of the season I would have given Colton the cookie kid award since he always dancing around out there but now I give him the most improved player." He told him he was fun to have on the team because he didn't take it too seriously but he did good. 
I have to say it has been so much fun to watch Colton improve this season. It is so nice to see the skills clicking. He started the season rarely if ever hitting to being moved to first in the batting line up. He became very consistent and really knocked the heck out of the ball. The best part is that he was excited and looked forward to doing it again every game! Nothing beats the look on his face when he would get a good hit! This smile says it all! 

The trophies weren't in yet but I will add that picture as soon as we get it. He can't wait to put that on his shelf.


The Anglin Family said...

Aww! I love sweet boys in baseball uniforms!;-)

Brandi said...

What a sweet smile!!!! WE are some baseball loving mommas!!!!!!