Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Authors

Today was the Young Author Celebration at the boys school so parents and family were invited to come hear our "authors" read to us.My lucky boys got a chance to read to Cody and I, Mammy(Papa had a meeting), Omi and Opi, Aunt Hillary and Uncle Bobby and Aunt Laura. They loved it!!
First we went to Cooper's class and he read us some of his great weekend stories and showed us some  cool things he had made in class. I love seeing how much he has learned!!

Then we went to Colton's class. The upper grades wrote and illustrated stories that were printed and turned into a hardbound book. Such a neat learning process with a great product at the end. Colton wrote a fun story called The Sorcerer and the Spell. He did a great job!!! He dedicated his book to his family. =) 

Colton and Cooper were so happy to have us all in their classrooms and show us their work. Carter was so happy to be at his Bubbas' school. SO proud of my little authors!  It was a fun morning!!


KERRY said...

That is so wonderful for the boys to be able to share all of that with their beautiful family :)

Nicole Rodriguez said...

How fun! Love that they turned the books into "real books!" What a neat treasure for you :)