Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cooper's season ends

Cooper played his last game of the season last night(it was a makeup game). He has had so much fun this Spring. He had a great coach (and several great assistant coach dads) and was on a good little team that worked really hard. He showed a lot of improvement as the season progressed and seems to love the game. All he wants to do these days is throw and catch a ball. Here are some shots of Coops in action...

Made it home=)

He had his team party party on Sunday. It was a swimming party with a great meal complete with some cute cupcakes. He had so much fun and got his long awaited trophy. He was a happy guy!!! He is already looking forward to next season! 

Cooper and Coach Liles


Nichole said...

He's so cute. And those cupcakes look fun!

Natalie said...

Looks like he had a lot of fun this season...and who doesn't love to end it with a pool party? :)

KERRY said...

Those cupcakes look devine!!
I love his little uniform too, so cute!