Thursday, May 3, 2012

What's new with Coops

Can't believe Cooper is almost a 1st grader!! He has had a great year and has learned and matured so much!! He has made some great buddies too!!
Tuesday night was his Kinder program. The theme was Smile and the songs were so cute!! They were supposed to dress in fun summer clothes and bright colors. Cooper knew the songs and the motions well. He did them at first. He was so excited about it but he seemed to zone out after a bit. Yawning, staring at somethings, looking around. Pretty much what most of the kiddos were doing. =) I think they were worn out after a long day of school. I still loved watching him!!
See him giving me that cute smile. 
Him with his best buddies--Riley and Bobby

Now to back up a few weeks. He had his 6 year appointment  a few weeks ago and it went really well. He is healthy and growing and meeting all expectations. I sometimes worry because he is my leanest boy(he gets that from his Daddy) but he was really good on the charts. 53% for weight and 75% for height. =)
After the appointment, he and I got to have a little lunch date before we had to pick Carter up from preschool. It was so nice to sit and chat and get a little one on one time with my middle baby. He is great company!!=)

Speaking of meeting expectations, that same day I got this note from school. 
He was so excited because he got to go have a good office visit with the Vice Principal and pick a treasure for doing so good!! Love his teacher for being such a positive and encouraging lady. She is awesome!! So proud of him for being a great little reader! 

I have to add this last picture. This is what Cooper doodled in church last Sunday. 

Precious in every way!!! 

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Angie said...

A big 1st grader, how exciting! He's such a handsome little guy :)