Friday, May 18, 2012

Field Day

With the end of the school year coming fast, we have had so much going on. Today was another fun filled day with my boys. Colton and Cooper had field day at school. It is a morning full of fun races and relays and even tug of war. They went to 8 or 9 different stations. (I couldn't  get pictures of all of them because I was trying to go back and forth between my boys' classes.) We lucked out and it was cloudy and breezy for a while before the sun really came out. It was pretty hot but they had a sponge relay that cooled them off. =) Both of my boys had a great time. I love watching them interact with their friends and I also like getting to know their friends better. My boys had a blast!!
This was harder then it looked.

 Nothing like a good ol' potato sack race. =)

Great buddies
Riley, Cooper, Kyler and Bobby
 This next relay was a favorite with all of the age groups. They have a big water filled sponge and they pass it over their head down the line, then the last kid rings it out into a bucket. The first class to fill the bucket wins. They were not as interested in filling the bucket as they were in getting wet. Who could blame them, it cooled them off! =)

Cooper's class

This next relay took a lot of teamwork. They had to work hard but they got faster and faster. It was so funny to listen to them yelling, "1,2,3 left. 1, 2,3 right." =)

Cousins/best buddies!!
Colton and Graham

 The tug of war was fun to watch too. They kids were all so into it and the classes cheered each other on. So fun!

The lady at the end is Mrs.Cannon, Colton's teacher. She is  awesome!!

Colton and a fellow hard working tugger after the "war" ended. 

Hayden and Colton

Can't believe that next Friday is the last day of school!! WOOHOOOO!! We are so super ready for summer around here!

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