Monday, August 1, 2011

Boy Mom Blog Hop

Well, if you are here from the hop--welcome fellow mothers of boys!! I am so excited to be joining the MOB bloghop specifically for ladies like me...those that are raising little boys to be godly and amazing men! I am the proud mother of three little guys. As a super girly, past cheerleader kind of gal, I never imagined having only boys. But here I am with three precious little men that keep my days busy and full of joy. I feel super blessed that God chose me to be their Mama!!! I cannot imagine my life without my boys!

Let me tell you about the handsome little guys that I love chasing each day.
My oldest, Colton, is 8 years old. He is about to start third grade. He is smart, funny, compliant and a complete rule follower. He is becoming so mature lately and we have some wonderful conversations. He loves to draw and is all boy!

My middle son, Cooper, is 5 years old and will be starting Kindergarten this year. (He's ready, I'm not) He is what we have always called our perfect mess. He is super busy, curious, full of energy, always talking and so much fun! He loves to be outside and is all boy!!

My baby, Carter, just turned 2. He is already super chatty, on the go, full of personality and has the sweetest spirit. He loves his big brothers and wants to do everything they do. He has the greatest strawberry blond hair and is all boy too!

As for me, I am married to my childhood/high school sweetheart. We just had our 12 year anniversary and I am so thankful that I have Cody to raise these boys with.

 I used to teach elementary school but have been "retired" since my oldest was born. I always dreamed of being a stay at home mom so I am just so grateful that my dream came true!! I stay busy helping at the elementary school, being part of a MOPS group, being active in the PTA and being active in our church! My blog is like a journal for my boys to read someday and see what our daily lives were like. Although I still blog as a journal for my boys, it has also become much more for me. I love connecting with other bloggers and moms and being part of the blogging community!!

  So glad you stopped by!!


Kerry said...

And what adorable boys they are too!!
Boys certainly are a blessing, I have 2 along with 1 daughter (she's a blessing too of course).
Nice pics!!

Mizzreviewlady said...

Just like you, I am also a proud mommy of three boys!

Hillary said...

Cute cute post! I can't wait to participate in this bloghop too!

MommyShelle C said...

Hello fellow blogger, I hopped over here from the Blog Hop and love it! Your boys are adorable and I love that red hair on the baby. As a red head I keep hoping for a red headed baby, but it hasn't happened yet.

S Club Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by. What a handsome set of boys you have!! :)

Meaghan said...

I'm visiting from the MOB BlogHop. It is so nice to meet your family. Your boys are so blessed to have a mom that is so involved in their lives and community. I too was an elementary school teacher but I love being at home with my boys.

ginny said...

oh, my goodness! what cuties you have! here from the MOB blog hop. i was a cheerleader, too, and never, ever pictured myself as a mom of boys. but.. i wouldn't change it for the world!
blessings on your day :)

Corinne said...

hopping over. I love your blog header