Sunday, August 21, 2011

Confetti or Kleenex??

I mentioned the other day that someone asked me if I would be a confetti or Kleenex mom on the first day of school. Well, that answer is too easy....definitely a Kleenex mom!! I have been tearing up off and on all day just thinking about tomorrow morning. It is so hard for me to believe that I will have two boys in "big school". I need extra Kleenex since my Coops is starting kindergarten--I mean that is a huge a milestone.
Tonight, we read a few books about back to school and a few kids devotionals about making friends and being the kind of person God hopes for us to be.
Then we said our prayer asking God to help the boys have a great first day and to help them make good choices all day long.  Then I asked the boys if they were nervous or excited. Colton said " a little nervous and a lot excited." Cooper agreed!
Ultimately, I have the same answer(besides being a little sad).  I am "a little nervous" for the transitions. Cooper has to adjust to a long day and new routine in kinder. Colton is starting such a big year. Third grade is where it goes from lower elementary to upper elementary so his day will be much more challenging. But really, I know they will both do great so I am "a lot excited" for them. They both got fabulous teachers and go to such a great school. I really can't complain.(Accept that I will miss them Thank goodness I have this cute little guy to keep me busy.

Well, I have packed lunches complete with a little note, their backpacks are ready, their clothes are laid out and I have rambled here long enough.

Thanks for hanging in there if you made it this far! ;)
For those of you that have kids starting school tomorrow I hope you are stocked on confetti or Kleenex...whichever one you need! Happy school year!!!


Ruffles and Rhinestones said...

I'm up extra early this morning...can't sleep! I'm right there with you on the Kleenex. Hope your morning goes smooth and your boys have a good day!

Veronika said...

Total Kleenex mom too! I cried today... a few times! Hope your boys have a great 1st day! :)