Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What I'm Loving Wedneday

Happy Wednesday! I love linking up with Jaime for...

I am loving that although my Daddy spent three days in the hospital for some unexplained bleeding, he is back home and doing great! He had several tests run and they couldn't find anything going on. Although, it is strange to not know what caused it, whatever it was--is gone now. I feel 100% sure that it is due to all of the prayers that went up. I love that God is so good!!!!

I am loving that I had the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful ladies summer bible study. We studied a great book that I talked about here. Not only did I grow spiritually but I also gained some new friendships and deepened the ones I already had. I love the ladies I spent my Wednesday evenings with and look so forward to doing it again next summer.

I am loving that I got some adorable new Vera Bradley goodies. My mil and sil Stacy gave me some great things for my birthday but when I went back to get it all in a matching pattern, I had no luck. BUT they had just gotten a new pattern in the store that I fell in love with. I was able to get a weekender bag, a laptop cover, a sling purse and a make up bag. Love....

I am loving the new Smurfs movie. The five of us went to see it and all of us loved it! It was so cute. Cody and I used to watch the cartoon as kids and this was soooo much better!! I highly recommend it!!

I also love that McDonald's has Smurf toys in their happy meals right now. They are super cute and durable little toys, Of course, I am one of those loony moms that wants to get all of them so we complete the collection. I know I annoy the workers with my trading to get the ones we don't have but oh well. Anything for my boys! 
We only need 4 more to have the whole collection.

I am loving that our church is having a three hour camp called "Camp Big Enough" for kids fixing to start kindergarten. Since my Cooper is one of those kids, we will be going to that this Saturday. Our Pastor and the children's pastor will be leading the camp.They invited the parents, so it should be a great thing for Cody and I to attend with Cooper. Love that our church has a such a great children's ministry!!

Have a great rest of the week!!!


Jane said...

I love all the Vera stuff you got. That is such a cute pattern. I'm glad to hear your dad is doing better. That is so scary! But, being back to normal is such a blessing!

Anonymous said...

i love your blog ma'am it's so cute. i am following!

KERRY said...

Would it be weird to admit I had a crush on the muscly tattooed smurf when I was a kid?
Great post!
Enjoy your week :)

Texas Tanners said...

Vera?!! You are a gal after my own heart! LOVING her new patterns. My oldest can't wait to see the Smurf movie....she is building her Mickey D collection of them as well! ;-)