Thursday, August 18, 2011

Incredible pizza

 We are still squeezing in summer fun! We were supposed to go roller skating today but when the boys and I and my sil Laura and my nephew Landon pulled up to the rink, it was closed.  Oops! So my sil and I started trying to figure out a plan b. We decided on a place called Incredible Pizza. It is a huge place with tons of arcade games, go carts, bumpers cars and of course yummy pizza/dessert. We have been there before but it was a long time ago. The boys loved every minute of our morning there. We had a great time!!!!

Cooper, Landon and Colton
This neat, old car sits in the entrance as you walk in.

Cooper loves anything you can ride

Colton loooves these crane machines. His goal was to win Carter a toy and he did. He got him a red alligator.
 This next game was so cool. They picked what sword they wanted to use and then  used their hands to touch the screen and chop up fruit.

Cooper taking aim. He also loves any kind of shooting game.

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Coops and I won the race! =0

Cooper, Landon and Colton loved the bumper cars.

The funny glasses their tickets got them. =)
 Tonight was meet the teacher night and both of my boys got great teachers!! We are excited for a new and fun school year!! More on that later! =)

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