Monday, August 15, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Well, it's Monday and I decided to link up with Carissa for ...

This is the last week before school starts. I am so. not. ready for the new school year to begin. Cooper is starting kindergarten and my stomach hurts just thinking about it.  I know he is ready but I will miss him so much. With Colton starting third grade- it is hard to believe I am going to have two boys in school.=( Someone asked me the other day "Will you be a mom with confetti or kleenex on the first day of school? I thought that was a cute way to put it and my answer is definitely kleenex. I would much rather have my boys home with me! BUT they are at a great school with great teachers so I will let them go. =)
Cooper did have his "Big Enough Camp" at church the other day.(For students starting kinder.) It was a sweet time with parents and the other  starting kindergartners. He was given a bible and they talked about the big step it is. He is excited!!
SO this week we are starting to attempt to get back into a routine. We actually woke up at 6:45am this morning--NO FUN! Well, I do know that schedules and routines are good and things just run more smoothly when you have a good one but I love summer. I love being able to stay up late and sleep in with my boys. I love having so much time to do whatever we want during the day. When school starts, it all revolves around that schedule and the evenings just seem to fly by.
Meet the teacher night is Thursday and we are excited to see who the boys get and who will be in their class. But that night symbolizes that summer is over. Hasn't it gone too fast! =(  Okay, enough of my sad Mama stuff because I do know that we will have a great school year!

Moving on---we had so much fun at a friend's wedding this weekend. It was a nice, small/intimate wedding. It was so neat! We got to spend lots of time catching up and dancing the night away with some of our favorite friends. Thanks Mama for watching the boys so late!

Today we are headed to see Cody at his office and take him to lunch. We are all excited for that. Even though Colton suggested McDonald's(no surprise), we will take him somewhere a little more exciting. (For Cody and I anyway. )
Well, we will spend most of our days this week squeezing in every last bit of summer fun that we can. On the list---ZDT's, maybe a movie, some more swimming and time with cousins--who knows what else.
Thanks for letting me ramble. =)
Hope you have a great Monday and a fabulous week!!


Rachel said...

rambling is good. i ramble. :)

What sweet sentiments you have for your son -- lovely -- he is truly blessed. And i love how your church has a time of preparation before kindergarten. What a neat step.

My Brennan loves his Bible that he was presented to by our church when he started first grade.

Blessings on your Monday.


Brandi @ Frugal Farmhouse said...

Schedules are so important. My life turns upside down without one. I was recently on some medication that made me sleep all day long.. I forced myself awake at 7:30 this morning and am going to get back to my old schedule! My house will thank me lol

Veronika said...

Kleenex or confetti, how funny! I am definitely a Kleenex mom too... our meet the teacher night is Thursday also :)
I think that is so nice that your church has that for the little ones, what a big step Kinder is!

Sarah said...

What a cute picture of Cooper! CONGRATS on him going to Kindergarten - what a great step, but so exciting at the same time! And, you guys look GREAT at the wedding! What a cute couple you two make :)