Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Squeezing in fun

I mentioned that this is our last week of summer and we are working hard to squeeze in lots of fun. Here is how we spent the first two days of our week.
We went to visit Cody at his office yesterday. The boys loved hanging out there! The boys made sure to pick up everything and ask him about everything on his desk and shelves. Cody was very patient and answered each question and showed them everything! Such a good Daddy!!! Then we took Cody to lunch and had a yummy meal at one of my favorite places--EZ's. It was a great way to spend our day.

Love all my handsome guys!!!!
Today, we got up early and ate breakfast at McDonald's. Then we headed to the library. The boys love to play on the computers there and check out books.

Colton was so sweet and helped Carter play games. Carter was so funny with the headphones though. He was talking so very loud. I finally had to make him take them off. =)

 After we loaded up on books, we headed to see the movie Zookeeper.  It was very funny ~ my boys laughed really hard. I hadn't heard the best reviews but I am glad we saw it. It was really cute!

This was all by 1:00pm. It is amazing how much you can do when you get up at 6:45am. =) We had a great day!!

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