Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fun at the Park

We spent Tuesday morning at Landa Park. It has been so hot we haven't even been there this summer. We had gotten an early start that morning so it wasn't in the 100s yet. We started out on the train. No matter how many times Colton and Cooper have ridden this, they still enjoy it. Carter hadn't ridden it since last summer when he was barely one, so it was a new experience for him. He loved it and kept showing me things that passed by. So cute!!

After our train ride, we fed the ducks. This was fun too. Carter kept saying, "Want mo ducky?" as he threw the seeds in the water. Precious! We started out with just one duck friend but soon enough we had about five.

See our one duck on the left.

The boys thought this duck was funny. Cooper said he had a mohawk but Colton thought it was an afro. =)

Once our duck friends were full, we spent a few minutes on the playground.

Then Opi and Omi(Cody's parents)showed up with the gear for catching crawfish. The boys loved this.

Although we only caught a few, we saw turtles, fish and some other river creatures that made our time pretty exciting.
This next picture is of a nutria, basically a water rat. Disgusting. He got right up to the bank where we were standing...yuck!

We had such a great time exploring at the park. It makes me so sad for school to start because there is nothing better than this kind of quality time with my boys!


KERRY said...

That is such great quality time too! It's always nice feeding ducks. That pic of your FIL and the boys is absolutely precious!!

Walter Tully said...

Aww, it's kinda cute and awesome that the boys are wearing matching outfits. It's just about the right time to get them interested in a bit of outdoor activity and nature. The park is a great place to do that.