Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Carter's birthday

**Caution--picture overload**

So my baby turned 2 on Saturday and here is the post about his big day! In our house, we start all birthdays with a pancake breakfast, a candle on top and the birthday song to go with it. Carter loved the candle part so we relit it and he blew it out about ten times. =)

His Pooh pool party was that afternoon. We had it at our neighborhood clubhouse and it was perfect. Just immediate family and some friends that are like family were there. We ate pizza, chips, watermelon and cake. Carter had the best time!  He was in and out of the pool and "talking" to everyone.

Here is the birthday boy before his guests arrived...
The five of us...
The cake and cupcakes...

Each table had one of his two year photos on it with a Pooh bear centerpiece. Here are a few of them...

  Time to sing to the big birthday boy. He loved being sang to--he smiled , laughed, played shy and did a great job of blowing out those two candles.

 Then he got to eat the Pooh Bear off of the cake. I sampled it too. It was made of fondant and it was good.
He loved making a mess with his cupcake...

Here is the birthday boy with his fabulous grandparents...

Carter with his Papa(my Daddy)

Carter with his Mammy(my Mama)--she will kill me for posting this picture but Carter loved playing with her in the pool so--- sorry Mama!

Carter with his Omi and Opi (Cody's parents)

Everyone had lots of fun in the pool...
Carter and  Daddy

My sweet niece Livvy in her polka dot bikini--precious!
Cute Bailee

Mammy with three of her grandsons--Colton, Landon and Cooper

Laci and two of her pretty girls--Hannah and Harper

My cute nephew Grady

Uncle Bobby with my nephew Graham

Aunt Stacy and Mr. Jason

Cooper and Daddy

Melissa and her pretty girls--Reagan and Rylee

Ashley and Hannah

Carter's buddy Ryan

Ryan, Carson, Reagan and Morgan
Me and my baby!!!
Here is the birthday boy with his presents! He got lots of great stuff!

  It really was such a wonderful day! I looked around and realized that most of our favorite people were there to celebrate our little man! We are so blessed!!!


Anonymous said...

WHAT a fun day!! Melanie, he is so very handsome!! I love his smile and that GREAT hair!! Happy Happy Birthday to your little man!

Hillary said...

We had such a great time at the party! It was so much fun and the food was really yummy too, expecially that cake!!

Lots of Love to my sweet sweet nephew Carter! Love you!


Jessica said...

Carter is adorable! I love picture with the frosting all over his face. So cute! That Winnie the Pooh cake/cupcakes looks yummy!