Saturday, June 25, 2011

My Baby is 2!

My sweet Carter Wesley turns 2 years old today! I really cannot believe how fast time flies. My little man brings immeasurable joy to our family each and everyday. I am so in love with those sweet chubby cheeks, red hair, precious smile and infectious laugh. He really has the sweetest spirit! He makes me so happy!
Here is what our Carter has been up to lately...
  • He sings "You are my Sunshine"
  • He loves music and has to dance when he hears a good beat. He can "shake his bootie" like it's no body's business. =)
  • He tells the best stories. Even though he seems to speak a different language right now, I could listen to him talk all day long.
  • He does say lots of words we can understand. He is a little parrot repeating all that he hears.  Some of my latest favorites are...hold you(instead of hold me), thank you, welcome (your welcome), markers, K(okay)
  • He gives the best bear hugs and sweetest little kisses complete with a "mmmmuah"
  • He still loves his Pooh Bear and pacis --"Pooh and Pa"
  • He loves his big brothers and wants to do whatever they do. They both adore him!
  • He follows directions really well
  • He only wants to wear his brown Crocs. I have tried several other pairs and he will just stand still and fuss. Silly boy!
  • He likes things in their in the bucket and cabinet doors closed.
  • He does seem to have a small bit of a red head temper from time to time
  • He loves to be outside
  • When we say I love you he says "too"
  • When we say our prayer he puts his hands together, bows his head, closes his eyes(only peeks a little) rambles a prayer and then says "Men" when he's done. It is precious.
This little guy is such a gift from God and a blessing to our family!

Here is a quick look at how my baby has grown...
     1 month

          1 year

And now for some more of my favorites from his 2 year photo shoot....

Happy 2nd Birthday Carter Wesley!!

Here are his two year stats:
weight: 30.6 lbs
length: 3 ft and 1 1/2 in
head circ: 20 and 1/4 in


Anonymous said...

my friend, he is the cutest litle thing! this was the best post!! I loved the list of "carter" things/sayings!! Kate still says "hold you" and she ends her prayers with "aw man"....
our sweet kiddos!
Give Carter a big TWO YEAR OLD hug from the Harliens!

Katie said...

Carter is so adorable! Happy Birthday to him! My little guy is going to turn 2 next month & I just can't believe it! Time needs to slow down!

He is a cutie!