Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

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I am loving all the fun we are having so far this summer..
I love that my boys are in a karate camp at church this week. They have been having so much fun learning their karate moves and are getting a great bible lesson each day. I also love that it is just the mornings, Mon-Thurs. so I don't have to give up too much time with them but also get a little one on one time with Carter. (I plan to go to pick them up early tomorrow and snap a few pictures.)

I love that all of my boys love the water. Colton swims like a fish and I think he would live in the water if he could. Cooper is really gaining confidence and doing great remembering what he learned last year. Carter was a tad hesitant when we first got to the pool but he loves it now. I will be busy, busy trying to keep up with the three of them!!(I am a nervous nelly about the things that can happen around pools so I keep my eyes peeled every second we are near water.)

Colton and my nephew Graham have tons of fun swimming together!

This next picture is what happens after a good swim... Good naps.
Carter sacked out on a bean bag before I could get him to his bed! =)


Lastly, I am loving that we will be taking the family travel trailer to the coast on Friday. We will be there basically every weekend through mid July. My brother's family and my parents both have trailers that we put next to each other. It makes it so much fun! My boys love the beach, fishing and swimming. YAY for sand, sun and summer!!!  

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Cool Gal said...

Yay for summer!

It sounds like yours is off to a wonderful start!

Cute photos of the boys. :)