Thursday, June 23, 2011

Certificates and Photo flashbacks

The boys had their last day of swimming lessons. They both learned a lot, had fun and did so well. They got their certificates today and as always I am a super proud Mama!!

Here they are with my bestie Lynn's three girls. Oh- if I haven't mentioned it before, we hope to have my three boys marry her three girls and life would be perfect!! ;) So much cuteness in this picture!

And here are Hannah(Lynn's oldest) and Colton. Someday we can add these pictures to a slideshow at their wedding. He, He! ;)

Here is the flashback...
This is from certificate day in Colton's first real swim lessons.
He was in class with another one of my besties' son-Brayden and Hannah too. My goodness, they were precious and look so little. Seriously, time flies too fast!(I have better pictures of these cuties but they are not on my computer and finding them right now would be a big job.)

Brayden, Hannah, ??? and Colton

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