Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's day

I spent today basking in how blessed I am. I have a Daddy who still makes me feel like his baby and is also an amazing Papa to my three boys! Not to mention that I also married a man that is the most amazing daddy to our boys and I just happen to love him with all my heart. That love only grows as I watch him with our three little men.
 I found a sweet and simple card for Cody that said what I feel perfectly. It read:
"I love how you find so many ways to be a fun dad. You sure know how to make a kid feel loved and a wife feel lucky."
For me, this says it all. Cody is a fun daddy who wrestles with his boys, really talks to them, answers their endless questions, teaches them, prays with them, tells them he loves them and hugs and kisses them each day. I have no doubt that my boys go to bed each night feeling loved and lucky. I know I do. What more can I ask for?
Here are a few pictures of my hubby with his boys! So much handsomeness going on here. =)
Cody's first picture as a father of three!

This still ranks as my favorite picture of these four!!
Snow day fun!

Quality time!

Here's the most recent one of my daddy with my hubby and our boys. I know I just posted it earlier in the week but I like it. ;)

 I had set out to scan a lot of pictures that were taken before I went digital but it just didn't happen. I spent the extra time we had today with my Daddy and my hubby celebrating them.


Hillary said...

Happy Father's Day Uncle Cody!

We feel so blessed too!

Renee Huggins said...

I'm visiting from the Busy Mom's Tips hop and I'm a new GFC follower :)