Monday, June 13, 2011

Sun, sand and fishing poles in hand

We headed to the coast on Friday for the first of many fun weekends there.
Our little vacation home on wheels. =) We are off.
 We go there pretty early in the afternoon and got the trailer all set up. Then we headed to the beach. My boys love the beach. Colton and Cooper run straight out into the ocean and make me a nervous wreck have so much fun. They love to splash in the waves. Cody was out there with them so I just kept track of Carter. 

Carter loves the beach too. It is so cute to watch him walk a little way into the water and then run back to the dry sand. He loved playing in the sand and chasing the seagulls too.

Carter also just loves to be near his brothers. He tried to do exactly what they were doing. They get such a kick out of this.
Oh the pure joy these three guys bring to their Daddy and I!

Then on Saturday morning, Colton, Cooper and Cody woke up early and went fishing with my dad. They love fishing and it was a good day for it. They caught 20 keepers! My mom, Carter and I just hung out and did a little shopping.
Love all of these fishermen. (Carter loved seeing the fish when they got back so he jumped int the picture too)
We headed back yesterday after a trip to the boys favorite donut shop-The Donut Palace. It was a great weekend!!


Kelly said...

What a blast! The boys look like they had soooo much fun in the water!

April Westerhold said...

What a great weekend! Loved the pics of the 3 boys looking out onto the ocean and holding hands. You should try to mess with it and make it black and white.