Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend


We had so much fun celebrating Easter both Saturday and Sunday. I plan to split the festivities into two different posts to prevent overload. ;)
On Saturday, we had an Easter party with my mom's side of the family. It is so nice to get together with some of the cousins we don't get to see as much. It was a wonderful day filled with good food, egg hunting, pinatas, lots of laughter and hours of fun. Literally- hours. We were having such a good time that we were at my Aunt Janet's house from 12pm-8pm. Here are some pictures from the day.

My boys with the egg hunt loot

Carter giving me his "silly smile"

My cousin Kym and I being goofballs ;)

My Aunt Janet taking some of the cousins for a ride in the mule.

While the kids were busy having a blast, my sister in law Laura and I did a quick photo shoot of my 7 month old niece Livvy.

She makes the funniest faces.

 Isn't she PRECIOUS?!?!


Hillary said...

What great pictures!! I am in love with Livy's bow! Glad ya'll had such a good time!

April Westerhold said...

Precious baby and love the outfit!

Jami Jones said...

I love your blog, and all the cute pictures of your kiddos! Looks like you had a wonderful Easter!